Headings and Paragraphs

You should typically not use first or second level headings within a post as they are reserved for the post and site title. Heading 1
Heading 2
Heading 3 is a good weight for subheadings. Heading 3
Heading 4
Heading 5 is another possible subheading weight. Heading 5
Heading 6
You can use <p class=”intro”> to call out the first paragraph in a post. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit.

Photos and Video

This is a post containing the various image and video formats that are supported by the Largo parent theme. Photos and Galleries
To add the ability to attribute a photo to a photographer and organization you will need to install and activate the Media Credit plugin. Additionally, photo galleries require the Argo Slideshow plugin (included with the Largo parent theme). Documentation explaining how to insert slideshows into posts can be found on the Project Argo site. You can upload single photos and insert them into posts using WordPress’s native photo uploader.

All The Basics

Here is a post containing all of the HTML elements you might want to include within a post.